We know just how much work you put into your horses and we are committed to providing you with our primary care services as well as after hours emergency services.
Our routine horse care services include general consultations for your equine lameness, injury or illness concerns as well as routine worming prevention, vaccination and arthritis management.
We believe that it is important that you and your horse stay safe and therefore recommend vaccination against tetanus, strangles as well as Hendra virus. Although cases of Hendra virus have not been reported in Sydney CBD, the clinical signs of Hendra virus are frighteningly vague and include; respiratory disease, neurological disease, colic and fever. This disease is a zoonotic disease which means that humans are able to contract the disease when exposed to an infected horse. Because of the high rate of mortality in humans and horses who have contracted the disease, Terrey Hills Anima Hospital strongly advises that horses be vaccinated against Hendra virus.


  • After hours emergency attendance
  • Ophthalmology examinations and care
  • Lameness examination and treatment
  • Pre purchase examination
  • On site radiology
  • Arthritis management recommendations
  • Farrier and dentistry contacts as well as case management alongside these service providers
  • Faecal worm and sand testing
  • Consultation with equine specialists



If your pet is having an emergency, we drop everything and make sure the absolute best care is immediately provided.
For non-emergency situations, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with us in advance.


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